March 25, 2017

Promising Practices Videos

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Differentiation & Independent Learning (Colorado Springs School District 11)


A middle school Math teacher describes principles and strategies for conducting a mixed-age and mixed-level class. Emphasis on student collaboration, self-assessment, reflection, progress monitoring, and self-direction.

Scientific Inquiry 2 (Colorado Springs School District 11)


A middle school Science teacher discusses and demonstrates the principles she uses for experiential scientific inquiry. Focus on experimentation, problem solving, and daily reflection.

Interdisciplinary Study & Group Research (Colorado Springs School District 11)


Middle school Math and Science teachers guide individual and group research on interdisciplinary projects. Emphasis on communication, project design, and self-reflection.

Scientific Inquiry 1 (Colorado Springs School District 11)


A first-year middle school Science teacher discusses the principles and strategies she applies in creating experiential, inquiry-based learning opportunities. Emphasis on guiding questions and metacognition.

Socratic Inquiry (Colorado Springs School District 11)


A middle school Language Arts teacher guides students in Socratic dialogue to interpret and explore their readings. Emphasis on students’ roles and responsibilities, use of evidence, and peer assessment.

Cooperative and Independent Learning


A high school Social Studies teacher discusses the principles and strategies he applies to support independent and collaborative work by students. Emphasis on experimentation and risk-taking.

Guided Inquiry & Media Literacy (Denver Public Schools)


An ECE-8 school librarian describes strategies she uses to help students acquire skills in using information resources, learning independently, and thinking critically.

Learning Collaboration (Denver Public Schools)


A middle school Language Arts teacher and the school librarian discuss how they collaborate in developing strategies to support students’ collaboration. Focus on learning relationships, learner roles, and the learning process.

Assessment for Learning (Aurora School District)


A K-8 teacher explains and shows how she assesses for skills, as well as helps learners assess themselves and peers, and reflect on their learning.

Assessment for Learning (Aurora School District)


Sampling of practitioners’ comments on 21st century learning: Assessment of learning, owning learning, inquiry process, essential skills, and metacognition