November 24, 2020

What We Do

C21L supports K-12 educators, schools, and districts as they develop learning For the 21st century. Our work includes:

  • 21st century learning audits and program evaluation;
  • Professional learning — coaching, instructional design, workshops, and presentations — on how to use specific 21st century learning practices (e.g., inquiry, assessment, project-based learning, and developing/cultivating communities of learners);
  • Consultation related to planning and implementation.

Support we offer:

Assessment and Planning

C21L’s 21st century learning audits help districts and schools pinpoint what’s working and consider realistic improvements. Applying our Classroom Observation, Building Walkthrough, and “Learning For” Assessment tools, C21L helps to identify each organization’s assets, barriers, and promising practices. Based on the findings, C21L makes concrete, targeted recommendations that help schools and districts invest and act strategically.

C21L also consults with schools and districts in their strategic planning — helping educators tap their own creativity and expertise to implement a shared vision for 21st century learning. C21L staff facilitate focus groups, planning sessions, and use of the C21L assessment tools.

Professional Learning

C21L provides useful tools and strategies to help educators move beyond conventional teaching. Through coaching, workshops, and presentations, we nurture such practices as:

  • Cultivating critical thinking and information literacy;
  • Building multi-layered inquiry practices among students and teachers;
  • Using assessment for learning;
  • Designing and supporting individualized paths for learning; and
  • Developing communities of learners.

All of our professional learning efforts are adapted to the particular needs, interests, and constraints of the educators and organizations with whom we work.

Listed below is a sample of recent workshops and presentations:

  • Learning In and For the 21st century;
  • Creating powerful learning in the NCLB classroom;
  • Assessment for learning;
  • 21st century learning by design;
  • Lessons of powerful learning;
  • Incorporating standards for 21st century learning;
  • Disrupting Class — 2020 vision for schools
  • Learning in chaos.