January 21, 2021

21C LEARNing Blog

These posts explore issues related to learning and teaching for the 21st century, with an eye toward promising practices and how to make systemic change happen. Sponsored by The Council on 21st Century Learning.

The Fifth Discipline

Peter Senge, author of The Fifth Discipline and perhaps the nation’s most recognized advocate of systems thinking, made a brief series of presentations to educators and businessfolk in Denver last week. Organizers of the sessions framed them as an opportunity to bring educators and businessfolk together to talk about transformation in education through systems thinking. […]

Civics Lesson

Driving home across Denver on a recent evening, I had the opportunity to reflect on the relationship between privilege and housing/neighborhood design. I travelled from Green Valley Ranch, at the eastern edge of the city, to my house on the western edge. (I was coming home from a golf lesson. Yes, a golf lesson. This […]

The Tipping Point to Personal Learning – Part 3

The authors of Disrupting Class make a convincing case that the disruptive innovation of student-centered computer-delivered instruction will bring the end of teacher-based instruction (and, therefore, conventional schooling. (fn 17) According to their theory and data, the tipping point has already occurred; the shift is happening. We see it in the exponential growth of online […]

September CLN Webinar- Learning Through Simulations with Mike Vaughan

View the recorded version of the September 17th webinar conversation about learning through simulations with Mike Vaughan, Director of Regis Company. Topics the webinar explores include: experiential learning; reflection and learning; 21st century skills; simulation design; leadership and learning.

The Tipping Point to Personal Learning – Part 2

According to the authors of the book Disrupting Class, the theory of disruptive innovation predicts the end of schooling as we know it within ten years. Well, at least the beginning of the end. (fn 8) Inquiring minds may want to know what educational forms will replace schooling. In this post I’m going to describe what […]

The Tipping Point to Personal Learning – Part 1

According to the authors of the very important book Disrupting Class, 2012 is the year in which the logarithmic curve of computer-based learning consumption “tips” — i.e., hits the “elbow” and begins to gobble up increasingly large chunks of conventional schooling. By 2019, the authors project, “50% of high school courses will be delivered online.” By […]

May CLN Webinar- Engaged Teaching

View the recorded webinar conversation about Engaged Teaching with Mark Wilding, Executive Director of PassageWorks Institute and a postgraduate instructor in leadership and systems thinking. Based on years of teaching, leadership development, and work with thousands of educators, Mark writes that “Engaged Teaching is about re-integrating a fragmented view of education that often separates social and emotional learning […]

The Study of Being Human

Driving home on a recent spring evening, I was listening to a Black Eyed Peas song, “One Tribe”. It’s quite the earnest appeal, both the lyrics and the… prayerfulness… of its musical arrangement. The crew Whoa-o-o-o-ing like a choir in the background, while Will.i.am preaches about forgetting evil and embracing our oneness. It’s very touching […]

March CLN Webinar with Rick Freehling

CLN’s monthly webinars are recorded for convenient viewing.   Rick Freehling (Critical Thinking & Reasoning/Economics & Globalization Teacher and Department Chair for the 21st Century Program at Harrison High School) will lead the conversation on creating and running a school devoted to learning for the 21st century.  Now in its fifth year, Harrison’s 21st Cenury Program focuses on critical thinking and construction of knowledge in a […]

Multiverse Learning

Tomorrow, I have the good fortune to get 15-20 minutes of time to talk with the participants at the Teacher-Librarian Day (TLD) sponsored by Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS) at Metro State in Denver (or whatever the current name of that university is). TLD2012. Thank you, Peggy O’Neill-Jones and TPS staff! I’m using this post […]