November 24, 2020

The Study of Being Human

Driving home on a recent spring evening, I was listening to a Black Eyed Peas song, “One Tribe”. It’s quite the earnest appeal, both the lyrics and the… prayerfulness… of its musical arrangement. The crew Whoa-o-o-o-ing like a choir in the background, while preaches about forgetting evil and embracing our oneness. It’s very touching […]

March CLN Webinar with Rick Freehling

CLN’s monthly webinars are recorded for convenient viewing.   Rick Freehling (Critical Thinking & Reasoning/Economics & Globalization Teacher and Department Chair for the 21st Century Program at Harrison High School) will lead the conversation on creating and running a school devoted to learning for the 21st century.  Now in its fifth year, Harrison’s 21st Cenury Program focuses on critical thinking and construction of knowledge in a […]

A Well-Designed PLC…. Really

In my previous post (“Professional Learning Communities… really“), I raved about the St. Vrain Valley School District’s PLC model, the Digital Learning Collaborative. I can only hint at the intricate detail of the DLC’s excellent learning design here; if you want to know more, check the resources at the end of the previous post. But […]

Professional Learning Communities… really…

The idea of Professional Learning Communities, appealing in the abstract, has suffered during the NCLB decade by its connection to tedious and frustrating review of NCLB-mandated measures of academic achievement. For many educators the term ‘PLC’ has come to mean torturous sessions in which the participants mutually expose their inability to ensure that all children […]

New Targets, New Approaches?

In Colorado Springs School District 11, the school board has adopted the ACHIEVE profile of a high school graduate. It’s D11’s take on the traits and skills necessary for a person to thrive in the 21st Century. The profile is a good target. C21L worked with the district on refining the ACHIEVE model and thinking […]

Learning In and For the 21st Century

A couple of weeks ago I attended/observed an excellent daylong professional learning day at Flagstaff Academy, a charter K8 in Longmont, Colorado. The title for the day was “EdTech 2010: Filling in the GApps.” Session topics included how to use GoogleDocs, how to use Google Forms, how to create a class website (on, you guessed […]

21st Century Learning Rules

Rule #8 — Learning occurs simultaneously and interactively within the individual, the community, and the organization. We think of the learning as something the person is doing. At the same time, the community in which the person is participating is also learning — whether a community of two (“teacher” and “learner”) or more (e.g., collaborative […]

Real Learning

My 11-year-old daughter came home from school several weeks ago all fired up about an idea she and a friend had. They noticed during lunch that the trash can was overflowing with styrofoam lunch trays — they keep piling up and they aren’t biodegradable. So Dana and Claire decided they would DO something about it! […]