November 24, 2020

Feb CLN Webinar- Teacher Inquiry

Catch the conversation about teacher inquiry as a vehicle for professional learning as recorded during CoLearning Network’s February webinar with Michelle Bourgeois (Co-director of St. Vrain Valley School District’s Digital Learning Community [DLC]) and Stevan Kalmon (Director of the Council on 21st Century Learning) will lead the conversation. Collaborative inquiry is central to St. Vrain’s DLC […]

A Well-Designed PLC…. Really

In my previous post (“Professional Learning Communities… really“), I raved about the St. Vrain Valley School District’s PLC model, the Digital Learning Collaborative. I can only hint at the intricate detail of the DLC’s excellent learning design here; if you want to know more, check the resources at the end of the previous post. But […]

Professional Learning Communities… really…

The idea of Professional Learning Communities, appealing in the abstract, has suffered during the NCLB decade by its connection to tedious and frustrating review of NCLB-mandated measures of academic achievement. For many educators the term ‘PLC’ has come to mean torturous sessions in which the participants mutually expose their inability to ensure that all children […]

Layers of Learning

Imagine that schools were communities of learning. What would it look like? How would it be different from what we typically do now? My colleague Dixie Good and I have many opportunities to observe and think about learning communities; sadly, most of the communities we observe are not schools. Our experience suggests some thoughts about […]

Social Networks for Professional Learning

A few weeks ago, I listened to a presentation by Colorado 3rd grade teacher Terri Reh on how she uses social network tools for professional learning. This is an area in which I am developmentally delayed, and her narrative was both inspirational and informative for me. Below are my notes from that presentation, which she […]

21st Century Learning Rules

Rule #8 — Learning occurs simultaneously and interactively within the individual, the community, and the organization. We think of the learning as something the person is doing. At the same time, the community in which the person is participating is also learning — whether a community of two (“teacher” and “learner”) or more (e.g., collaborative […]