October 21, 2019

Reflection / Assessment / Peer Review / Progress Monitoring

Critical Thinking (Academy School District 20)

High school teachers and students discuss the skills involved in conducting a trial based on reading. Focus on teacher as coach, helping students think about thinking, project assessment, student peer reviews, and reasoning.

Invention (Academy School District 20)

Third grade students recreate or invent a folktale or fairy tale, presenting their work in book, puppet, or PhotoStory form. Focus on student collaboration, thinking tools, and use of creativity rubric.

Self-Direction (Academy School District 20)

A third grade teacher and school librarian infuse a research project with opportunities to learn 21st century skills of self-direction and information literacy. Focus on student progress-monitoring and self-assessment techniques.

Teacher Collaboration (Academy School District 20)

Teachers discuss how to support students’ 21st century skills and how they collaborate with peers to enhance student learning. Focus on Reflection, Collaboration.