November 24, 2020


Interdisciplinary Study & Group Research (Colorado Springs School District 11)

Middle school Math and Science teachers guide individual and group research on interdisciplinary projects. Emphasis on communication, project design, and self-reflection.

Scientific Inquiry 1 (Colorado Springs School District 11)

A first-year middle school Science teacher discusses the principles and strategies she applies in creating experiential, inquiry-based learning opportunities. Emphasis on guiding questions and metacognition.

Cooperative and Independent Learning

A high school Social Studies teacher discusses the principles and strategies he applies to support independent and collaborative work by students. Emphasis on experimentation and risk-taking.

Promoting Student Independence (Littleton Public Schools)

Fifth grade students lead math lessons in collaboration with peers and 2nd graders. Students post recorded explanations. Use of multiple technologies. Focus on reflection, collaboration, self-direction, and achievement badges.

Student Collaboration 2 (Littleton Public Schools)

Sixth grade students use threaded discussion to interpret reading and broaden the audience for writing. Individualized use of netbooks. Focus on reflection, critical thinking, information literacy, collaboration, and self-direction. Promising Practices June 2011 • Littleton Public Schools • Goddard Middle School from C21L on Vimeo.

Video Streaming Lessons (Littleton Public Schools)

Elementary teacher uses a web camera and Ustream to record and archive mini lessons in reading, writing, and math. The practice encourages student ownership, accountability. Focus on information literacy and self-direction. Promising Practices June 2011 • Littleton Public Schools • Franklin Elementary from C21L on Vimeo.

21st Century Writing & Publishing (Littleton Public Schools)

High school teachers and students discuss writing and publishing in the 21st century. Students seek divergent opinions, link ideas to evidence, and create visual reports. Use of multiple collaboration and research technologies. Promising Practices June 2011 • Littleton Public Schools • Arapahoe High from C21L on Vimeo.

Student Collaboration 1 (Academy School District 20)

Critical thinking, collaboration, and information literacy are incorporated into student investigations of probabilities and presentations of findings in digital formats.