November 24, 2020

Information Literacy / Reading & Writing

Socratic Inquiry (Colorado Springs School District 11)

A middle school Language Arts teacher guides students in Socratic dialogue to interpret and explore their readings. Emphasis on students’ roles and responsibilities, use of evidence, and peer assessment.

Cooperative and Independent Learning

A high school Social Studies teacher discusses the principles and strategies he applies to support independent and collaborative work by students. Emphasis on experimentation and risk-taking.

Guided Inquiry & Media Literacy (Denver Public Schools)

An ECE-8 school librarian describes strategies she uses to help students acquire skills in using information resources, learning independently, and thinking critically.

Learning Collaboration (Denver Public Schools)

A middle school Language Arts teacher and the school librarian discuss how they collaborate in developing strategies to support students’ collaboration. Focus on learning relationships, learner roles, and the learning process.

Promoting Student Independence (Littleton Public Schools)

Fifth grade students lead math lessons in collaboration with peers and 2nd graders. Students post recorded explanations. Use of multiple technologies. Focus on reflection, collaboration, self-direction, and achievement badges.

Digital Discourse (Littleton Public Schools)

Fifth grade teachers collaborate to individualize learning. One teacher leads the class; the other monitors the backchannel. Use of multiple technologies. Focus on reflection, information literacy, collaboration, and self-direction.

Video Streaming Lessons (Littleton Public Schools)

Elementary teacher uses a web camera and Ustream to record and archive mini lessons in reading, writing, and math. The practice encourages student ownership, accountability. Focus on information literacy and self-direction. Promising Practices June 2011 • Littleton Public Schools • Franklin Elementary from C21L on Vimeo.

Inquiry Quest – Student Perspective (Adams 12 Five Star Schools)

A middle school student and his father talk about the stages of developing an Inquiry Quest project, culminating in a video presentation. Focus on parental support, critical thinking, reasoning, and information literacy. Promising Practices June 2011 • Adams Five-Star School District, Thornton (2 of 3, Student) from C21L on Vimeo.

Inquiry Quest (Adams 12 Five Star Schools)

This district-developed ILT assessment (middle school) involves a student-selected inquiry project. The teacher conducts daily formative assessments. Focus on critical thinking, information literacy, inquiry, and problem solving.

Critical Thinking (Academy School District 20)

High school teachers and students discuss the skills involved in conducting a trial based on reading. Focus on teacher as coach, helping students think about thinking, project assessment, student peer reviews, and reasoning.