October 21, 2019

Promising Practices Videos

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Invention (Academy School District 20)

Third grade students recreate or invent a folktale or fairy tale, presenting their work in book, puppet, or PhotoStory form. Focus on student collaboration, thinking tools, and use of creativity rubric.

Student Collaboration 1 (Academy School District 20)

Critical thinking, collaboration, and information literacy are incorporated into student investigations of probabilities and presentations of findings in digital formats.

Self-Direction (Academy School District 20)

A third grade teacher and school librarian infuse a research project with opportunities to learn 21st century skills of self-direction and information literacy. Focus on student progress-monitoring and self-assessment techniques.

Teacher Collaboration (Academy School District 20)

Teachers discuss how to support students’ 21st century skills and how they collaborate with peers to enhance student learning. Focus on Reflection, Collaboration.

Multiverse Learning

Tomorrow, I have the good fortune to get 15-20 minutes of time to talk with the participants at the Teacher-Librarian Day (TLD) sponsored by Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS) at Metro State in Denver (or whatever the current name of that university is). TLD2012. Thank you, Peggy O’Neill-Jones and TPS staff! I’m using this post […]

Feb CLN Webinar- Teacher Inquiry

Catch the conversation about teacher inquiry as a vehicle for professional learning as recorded during CoLearning Network’s February webinar with Michelle Bourgeois (Co-director of St. Vrain Valley School District’s Digital Learning Community [DLC]) and Stevan Kalmon (Director of the Council on 21st Century Learning) will lead the conversation. Collaborative inquiry is central to St. Vrain’s DLC […]

Thoughts from the Mosey Road

I like to drive what my colleague Dixie Good calls the Mosey Road. The roads or streets with less traffic and less anxiety. I look for roads with good flow. I don’t need to go 75, or even 55; just cruising is fine, often better, so long as I don’t have to stop frequently. Typically […]

A Well-Designed PLC…. Really

In my previous post (“Professional Learning Communities… really“), I raved about the St. Vrain Valley School District’s PLC model, the Digital Learning Collaborative. I can only hint at the intricate detail of the DLC’s excellent learning design here; if you want to know more, check the resources at the end of the previous post. But […]

Professional Learning Communities… really…

The idea of Professional Learning Communities, appealing in the abstract, has suffered during the NCLB decade by its connection to tedious and frustrating review of NCLB-mandated measures of academic achievement. For many educators the term ‘PLC’ has come to mean torturous sessions in which the participants mutually expose their inability to ensure that all children […]