November 24, 2020

Teacher as Facilitator

Cooperative and Independent Learning

A high school Social Studies teacher discusses the principles and strategies he applies to support independent and collaborative work by students. Emphasis on experimentation and risk-taking.

Student Collaboration 2 (Littleton Public Schools)

Sixth grade students use threaded discussion to interpret reading and broaden the audience for writing. Individualized use of netbooks. Focus on reflection, critical thinking, information literacy, collaboration, and self-direction. Promising Practices June 2011 • Littleton Public Schools • Goddard Middle School from C21L on Vimeo.

21st Century Writing & Publishing (Littleton Public Schools)

High school teachers and students discuss writing and publishing in the 21st century. Students seek divergent opinions, link ideas to evidence, and create visual reports. Use of multiple collaboration and research technologies. Promising Practices June 2011 • Littleton Public Schools • Arapahoe High from C21L on Vimeo.

Critical Thinking (Academy School District 20)

High school teachers and students discuss the skills involved in conducting a trial based on reading. Focus on teacher as coach, helping students think about thinking, project assessment, student peer reviews, and reasoning.

Teacher Collaboration (Academy School District 20)

Teachers discuss how to support students’ 21st century skills and how they collaborate with peers to enhance student learning. Focus on Reflection, Collaboration.