November 26, 2020

C21L Videos

Video Clip


Promising Practices in 21st Century Learning. This series of video segments features Colorado teachers who are implementing new classroom practices. These 10 vignettes, collected during 2008-09, offer concrete examples of how to implement 21st century learning strategies. Click here to view all videos.

Collaboration / Self-Direction
Teacher as Facilitator
Information Literacy
Assessment & Progress
Thinking Skills
Content Mastery



Video Student / Learner Video Series. Spoofs the Mac / PC commercials to emphasize the need to shift the focus from “schooling” to “learning.”

Student/Learner 1.0: The Housewarming
Student/Learner 2.0: The Quiz
Student/Learner 3.0: The Teacher



Video 21st Century Learning Matters: A Conversation Starter for Education Communities. Provides an introduction to the transformations needed in education to prepare students to succeed. Produced by The Library of Congress’ Teaching with Primary Sources – Colorado project at Metro State College of Denver, in partnership with the Colorado Council on 21st Century Learning. Click here to view.